New Zealand 2019

Trans Alpine Express, whale watching, off the grid on the West Coast, camping at Canaan, visiting the Wairarapa coast, and Christmas with family.
Welcome to New Zealand - Paierau Rd
Christmas tree decorating - David's house
Christmas tree decorating - David's house
Wairarapa sunset
The Wairarapa countryside - Julie & Rod's house
At one...
Which is 413C?
Coming soon
Is this the Doctor?
We need the Doctor!
Discovering DB
Wellington Airport
Antarctic Centre - photo may not represent the reality
A cold experience - Antarctic Centre
We love Kaikoura
Looking good 1
Let me check...
Kaikoura waterfront 1
Kaikoura waterfront 2
Kaikoura waterfront 3
Kaikoura waterfront 4
Kaikoura waterfront 5
We really did see a whale up close
Whale Watch Log
Kaikoura waterfront 6
Trans Alpine Express 1
Trans Alpine Express - reflection - photo by Amy
Trans Alpine Express 2
Outdoor kitchen, SVA's Hut, Woodpecker Bay
SVA's Hut, Woodpecker Bay
View of Woodpecker Bay from SVA's Hut
Fern frond. New beginnings.
Preparing the camp fire for toasted marshmellows
It was cold outside
Toasting marshmellows - photo by Uyen
The marshmellows were a success
Even the wekas came for a marshmellow
West coast sunset
Looking good 2
Entering Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest)
Sinkhole. Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest)
Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest)
Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest) - photo by Uyen
Takaka Valley lookout 1
Takaka Valley lookout - photo by A.
Takaka Valley lookout 2
Takaka Valley lookout 3
Takaka Valley lookout 4 - photo by Uyen
Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest) dinner - photo by Uyen
Weka feeding - Canaan Downs (Chetwood Forest)
Quartz Clearing - Kahurangi forest 1
Quartz Clearing - Kahurangi forest 2
Quartz Clearing - Kahurangi forest 3
Quartz Clearing - The log cabin
Quartz Clearing - Kahurangi forest 4 - It was cold
Quartz Clearing - Off The Grid activities
Weka country
Christmas @ Paierau Rd 1
Christmas @ Paierau Rd 2 - Two brothers and a brother-in-law.
Christmas @ Paierau Rd 3 - it was this big!!!
Christmas @ Paierau Rd 4 - more whipped cream?
Kindred spirits - photo by Uyen
1973 photo recreation attempt 1
1973 photo recreation attempt - Final
1973 photo recreation attempt 2 - photo by Uyen
Under the whale ribs - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Cousins - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Rocky shoreline lesson - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Going to the beach in a tractor - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Retrieving a garden feature - Glenburn - Wairarapa
After collecting sea snails - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Surfing - Glenburn - Wairarapa
The surfer - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Garden feature complete - Glenburn - Wairarapa
Good luck will bless those who help weed this garden - Paierau Rd
Weeding the garden - Paierau Rd
The wizards - Weta Workshop
With Virgil in Thunderbird 2 - Weta Workshop
Finally... ramen - Wellington