Photos with a Story

Many photos capture a moment in time, a memory, or beautiful image. Others suggest a story. They make you think, what is going on here, perhaps encouraging you to create your own story to fit the image. The photos in this section suggest to me stories beyond the moment when the image was captured.
Machine shop. Saigon.
Fushimi Inari Shrine. Kyoto.
Jade Emperor Pagoda. Saigon.
Selfie by Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
Yakatori. At the standing bar. Usually for locals only. Culinary Backstreets tour. Tokyo.
Some of the best ramen comes from hole in the wall type places. Tokyo.
Ginza. Tokyo.
Sharing the road. Route 28.
Late night noodles, Hanoi
Sidewalk tea shop, Hanoi
The chain store. Saigon.
Kapiti Coast. New Zealand.
Interesting crowd. Ba Na Hill performance.

Collecting Paua shells. Wairarapa coast. New Zealand.

Machine shop
Where life is defined as a series of selfies. I saw these two a few times that evening, and all they seemed to be doing were selfies. I wonder whether they actually experienced their surroundings.
Seagull feeding. Castlepoint, NZ.
Jade Emperor Pagoda, Saigon
Green Tangerine Restaurant, Hanoi
Submerged fern. New Zealand
Heaven (the Buddhist variety), at the Marble Mountain cave. There is also a Hell, which you can descend into.
Lady Buddha Da Nang, or in Vietnamese, Linh Ứng Pagoda.
Decoration in a K'Tu household.
Bun Dau, a Hanoi street food speciality. Fried tofu, spring rolls, boiled pork, and noodles, with fresh herbs and mam tom (fermented shrimp paste)
Saigon wedding - backstage.
Swanston St. Melbourne

Asian restaurant cluster. Swanston St. Melbourne

Late afternoon at Mũi Né. Net maintenance.
Linh Phước pagoda. Dalat.
Steam engine. Dalat Railway Station.
Route 28. A great road for a fun motorcycle ride. I want to do it again.
A dog's life
Tet 2017 - Flower vendors from the Delta parked up District 7
Hoan Kiem Lake - morning offering

Hoan Kiem Lake - Tai Chi

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

Prosper - Hanoi
Plating, Tipo 00, Melbourne.
Norfolk Road Pizza, Masterton, New Zealand. It was a cold and rainy night.... it really was.

Cuba Street area, Wellington

El Matador, Cuba Street, Wellington
El Matador, Cuba Street, Wellington
El Matador, Cuba Street, Wellington
Barber. Saigon.
Local Saigon market - more meat
Local market - fermented fish
Wat Po - Bangkok
Spent a bit of time "in transit" at the Wellington Railway Station
Roast duck. Saigon street food.
Maintenance. Saigon.
Morning exercise. Saigon.
Market street - D4
Octopus noodles?
Robot assisted pagoda bell ringing. Ba Na Hill. Danang.
Ceiling, Funan Centre. Singapore.
Visual illusions at the Art Science Museum. Singapore
A darker reimagining of Alice. Alice in Wonderland. Art Science Museum. Singapore
Preserved fish vendors - Chau Doc market.
Putting fish out to dry - Chau Doc market.
Preserved river crab seller - Chau Doc market.
Telecommunications infrastructure! Saigon.
Street butcher.