RMIT 2002 - 2018

Catch-up at Pizza 4ps - 2020
Ruby's farewell from RMIT lunch - 2020
Ngoc and Eric pre-departure at SOL Butcherant - 2019
The 306 crew

306 crew

Ngoc and Eris pre-departure at Speakeasy - 2019
Leaving party - 2018
Keith's wake
Early days at RMIT were a little wilder!

The graduation organizing team with Conrad

Hanoi Student Activities team 2018
Hanoi 2018
Leaving party - 2018

Leaving party - 2018

Leaving party - 2018

The Student Council response to my leaving RMIT

Oc Linh - 2018

Student Services training day

306 crew
Conrad's leaving lunch - 2018
Tet party 2018
Boomerang hangout with Don and Julian - 2017
306 crew at Halloween 2017

With the Student Council 2017

Addressing the Student Council Election Ceremony 2017

Trying to look natural in front on lots of people - 2017

306 crew at the 2016 Graduation
Tet party 2017

I think this was taken before a performance of Peter Pan - 2015

Ngoc's graduation - 2015
Ngoc's graduation - 2015
Graduation team 2015

Addressing a Student Services gathering 2015

Scholarship recipient then and now - 2014

Graduation 2013

Graduation 2013

Graduation 2013
Sports event - 2012

Golden Key event - 2012

2011 Student Council Establishment Committee

Trying to organise the graduation. First time in the REC - 2010

Embarrassing myself doing martial arts 2010


Golden Key speech 2009


What greeted the guests to the Saigon South campus opening (2005).
Just to prove that I did do it.
The Hawaii team, and guests, at the Cultural Festival, June 2005.
The RMIT team that participated in the Terry Fox Run 2003.
A group of great students who worked really hard to establish RMIT Vietnam's first Student Council in 2011/2012. Very proud of them.

Inside the Learning Resource Center. Actually this was a posed shot for a newspaper. It made the front page!

Strategy discussions at the Metro Bar, Phnom Penh.
I learnt a lot from this group about how to keep students motivated and focussed on the task at hand (2003).

The 2005 Graduation - graduates and vips in front of the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House.

Not being one for pomp and ceremony, RMIT's first formal graduation was an interesting challenge to organise and participate in.

Graduation 2005 - inside the Opera House.

Graduation 2008 in Hanoi.

Briefing the students and ushers before the event. Everything went quite smoothly, so someone must have been listening.

Graduation 2008 in Saigon at the Hoa Binh Theatre.

My turn.

Preparations, Hanoi Opera House 2014.

2006 Graduation. Had the Australian Prime Minister as keynote speaker which added a few new factors to consider.

What would we do without mobile devices?
Preparations for 2012 in the REC
Graduation in Hanoi in 2008 was at the Temple of Literature.

Three students from one of the first classes I taught graduating from their University Preparation Program.

Some future business leaders in this group.
The last UPP group I taught before beginning my new role. This award ceremony in Dec 04 made me miss teaching.

Some of the design features of the Saigon South campus building are controversial, but it certainly can look impressive. July 2005.

The new RMIT Vietnam campus building as of early August 2004.

The new RMIT Vietnam campus building as of mid November 2004.

Ruby and Yusuke wedding
Hanoi Graduation
Col, Phoenix, and Nhi

20 year event in 2022

20 year event in 2022
20 year event in 2022
Reunion of the ED Students office in 2022
Reunion of the ED Students office in 2022