Ice skating at Vivo City, Saigon.
Sampling a roast garlic cream sauce I made. As may be obvious, it was a hit.
Making Pizza 1
Making Pizza 2
Making Pizza 3
School trip to Long Hai. Photo by BVIS.
School trip to Long Hai. Photo by BVIS.
Class photo. Dressed up in their áo dàis for Tết. Photo by BVIS.
Making Banh Trung at Tet
Making Banh Trung at Tet
Helping with the food photography
While I was traveling, she set up the iPad next to her so that I was there as she fell asleep. So cute!
Star of the week - for putting extra effort in all areas of her learning.
My first ever selfie, taken at the New Zealand Wine and Food Festival.
A, iPad, and friends
Terminal 3.1
Chance meeting at Singapore Airport Terminal 3. One in a million.
Terminal 3.2.jpg

Looking relaxed after a few months of change.

Minh and Richard.jpg

Richard and Minh. Melbourne.

Wairarapa Gothic.jpg

Julie and Rod. Wairarapa Gothic.

A's science project - see the video
Building the science project

[Video] A's science project in action

On the way to Melbourne - A380
Ramen with an old friend who was also visiting Melbourne.
A particularly delicious lunch with Joyce in the vineyards - somewhere south of Sydney.
Some sage advice on the way to Dinner at Heston's.
BVIS participants in the British Business Group fun run. A on the right.
Preparing dessert. New Zealand Natural ice cream and New Zealand blueberries.
Tana and daughter
Amy singing in the BVIS choir at a Crescent Mall.
Being a tourist - the Temple of Literature in Hanoi.
Photo by A.
Lotte Tower - Hanoi
Lotte Tower - Hanoi
Lotte Tower - Hanoi
Hanoi at dusk. Thủ Lệ lake in the foreground
With the Đông Sơn drum at the Ho Chi Minh museum - Hanoi
Life "advice" at the One Pillar Pagoda. Good exercise for critical thinking skills. She did well.
One Pillar Pagoda - Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh quote: "All the peoples on earth are equal. Each people has the right to life happiness and liberty."
Pumpkin soup at the Green Tangerine restaurant - Old Quarter, Hanoi
Selfie - Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi
New experience - Hanoi
Photo by A - Hanoi